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Business Simulations

Revolutionize Learning with Our Business Simulation Platform

Welcome to our state-of-the-art online Business Simulation Platform, a dynamic educational tool designed specifically for educators and lecturers. Our platform offers a diverse range of business simulations, using the power of gamification to transform the learning experience.

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Key Features:

  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: Accessible entirely online, our platform requires nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser. This simplicity ensures educators and students can focus on learning without the hassle of complex software installations.
  • Wide Range of Simulations: From managing an airline in “Airline Management” to diagnosing virtual patients in “Virtual Patient,” our platform covers various aspects of business and professional scenarios. Each simulation is crafted to enhance practical skills in areas like teamwork, strategic decision-making, and specific industry knowledge.
  • Customizable Experience: Tailor each simulation to meet the unique needs of your class or training session. Our platform offers flexibility to adjust scenarios, ensuring relevance and maximum engagement.
  • Collaborative Learning: While some simulations are designed for individual decision-making, many encourage group collaboration. Students can work in small teams, fostering teamwork and collective problem-solving skills.
  • Continuous Innovation: We’re committed to growth and relevance. Each year, we introduce new simulations, ensuring that our platform stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and educational methodologies.
  • Performance Tracking and Rewards: Depending on the chosen simulation, our platform offers a variety of performance tracking methods. Most simulations include a points-based ranking system, with summaries and potential rewards, adding an extra layer of motivation for learners.

Few games in our Business Simulation Portfolio:

  • “Airline Management”: Players develop practical skills in managing an airline and navigating the air service market. As entrepreneurs, they make strategic decisions impacting both economic and social aspects of airline operations.
  • “Virtual Patient”: This simulation focuses on enhancing players’ skills in identifying patient needs based on symptoms, effectively classifying patients, and guiding them through further diagnostics and treatment. It also emphasizes teamwork, communication, and problem-solving in a medical context.
  • “Game for Computer Science”: Aimed at deepening knowledge in various computer science fields, this simulation covers database management, programming, Unix/Linux systems, technical troubleshooting, and network management. It encourages teamwork through joint decision-making and creative problem-solving.
  • “Virtual Cosmetology Office”: Players strive for success in developing their network of cosmetology offices, managing resources such as staff time, equipment, and cosmetic materials effectively.
  • “HR Manager”: It teaches players to manage employee potential effectively for business success, simulating a realistic company environment where employee management is key.
  • “Production Manager”: This simulation teaches efficient management of the production process, aligning with the value creation chain and product technology to fulfill customer orders timely and minimize losses in the value-added chain.

Transform Your Teaching Today

Our Business Simulation Platform is more than just a teaching tool; it’s a gateway to engaging, practical, and modern education. Perfect for educators looking to bring their lessons to life, our platform bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Experience the future of learning—where education meets innovation.

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