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Mobile Academy of Negotiation and Customer Service (MANiOK)

MANiOK is an innovative online platform, that offers a comprehensive training path aimed at enhancing the interpersonal skills of its users. This platform has been expertly designed to provide knowledge on negotiation and customer service, including modern negotiation methods and techniques for conflict resolution and goal achievement. Users engage with interactive content like texts, graphics, videos, and quizzes, tailored to ensure easy comprehension and focused learning.


The MANiOK platform was developed as part of a project by Wirtualis Sp. z o.o., funded through grants from the “Skrzydła dla innowacji przyszłością dojrzałej edukacji” (Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020, Priority IV: Social Innovations and Transnational Cooperation, Action 4.1: Social Innovations).


  • Cloud-based SaaS Model: Ensuring high availability (24/7), this model allows for seamless management and maintenance of the platform, with immediate updates visible to users.
  • Responsive Web Design: Compatible across various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, MANiOK adheres to WCAG principles, ensuring accessibility for users with disabilities, including vision impairments.
  • Customizable Learning Modules: Users can design their educational path, selecting from Knowledge Objects (KOs) that range from texts and videos to quizzes. An audio option for texts caters to users with visual impairments, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Interactive Challenges: These include decision-making games with interconnected questions, applying theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. Challenges unlock progressively, encouraging continuous learning and application.
  • Adaptive Learning Pace: Users can adjust the content volume in each KO, focusing only on essential information and skipping already known topics.
  • Gamification Techniques: Utilizing elements like points, leaderboards, and badges, MANiOK turns learning into an engaging and competitive experience. This approach motivates users to actively participate and achieve their learning objectives.
  • Feedback and Engagement: Real-time feedback and rankings stimulate users’ motivation, driving them to improve and excel.
  • Social Sharing and Certificates: Users can share achievements on social networks and earn personalized certificates with unique verification codes, adding value to their professional profiles.

Target Audience: MANiOK caters to adults aged 25-64, eager to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones. The platform is accessible to anyone with internet connectivity, addressing diverse learning abilities and preferences.

Educational Approach: The project aligns with adult education principles, focusing on self-paced, practical learning. Incorporating humanistic and critical educational models, MANiOK emphasizes the active role of learners, catering to their specific needs and experiences.

Impact: MANiOK revolutionizes training for adult learners by:

  • Enhancing motivation through engaging, user-friendly formats.
  • Translating training effectively to workplace performance.
  • Fostering self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Promoting continuous learning and development.

Innovation: As a response to the evolving demands of modern education, especially in adult learning, MANiOK embodies innovation in education. Its user-centered design, adaptive content, and interactive elements significantly enhance the learning experience and outcome for adult learners.